Words That Sell: Killer Classified Ad Copy

If you do any type of advertising, you should brush up on “Selling Words”, the words that sell (whether we know it consciously or not).  

Is your customer intrigued by your ad? 

Or is it just another long line of boring ads? 

A poorly written, unedited ad is as bad as no ad at all. If you paid for the ad, then it’s even worse. I’d like to start with a few simple selling words, and see where we go from there.

Words That Sell:

guaranteed      secret          fun              discover      fresh          FREE           Value    

fast                    money         proven       new             easy            learn          healthy 

now                   safe              magic         love             success      save            benefits

How to              security       gain            pure            happy         right           tested

original              natural         special      win              yes              more          exclusive

comfortable      believe        bonus        perfect       preview      complete   

you and your    satisfying     solution    powerful

The two most important words on the list are free and you (and your). On the web everyone loves free stuff. Even when you are selling, a free bonus may be the thing to clinch the deal. 

You? That’s who you’re writing to. You are not writing for yourself. Your job is to convey benefit after benefit to the reader. How can you add value to their lives? All of your ad writing should tell the reader how they would benefit.

Benefits sell. Good benefits sell better.

Sell them on how they will benefit and you have your foot in the door. 

The “selling words” alone do not make the sale. You can construct a powerful ad around them, and probably draw an audience. Good ads simply draw the potential customer into the full sales pitch, whether it be your website, autoresponder, or telephone. A good ad arouses enough interest to request more information almost against their will.

Be prepared to edit. Trim. Cut. Long sentence? Shorten it. Write conversationally. If you’d feel uncomfortable speaking the ad to a friend, it needs work. Rewrite, put it away, and look at it again tomorrow. Try to say the same thing three different ways, each speaking to the reader using “you” and “your”.  

Used properly, free and low-cost ads can draw more traffic than banner ads. 

You can generate powerful interest by conveying benefits in a 30-50 word classified, more than with even an animated banner ad.  

Let me know your thoughts on this? 

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