Some Suggestions on Creating Compelling Content

Recently in my coaching program, a member asked me about Content Marketing and wanted me to suggest things to make his content marketing meaningful and responsive.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help improve your ability to create content that is regularly shared and engaged with by your community?

I’m going to share two things with you that will allow your community to respond favorably to it.

1. Passionate

Passion is a vital driving force behind creating great content. It is why you will consistently create awesome and valuable content for your community.

Your passion is critical as it is tied into why you do what you do and how you communicate your story or message to your community.

The clearer your message and the degree of intensity with which you share your content plays a vital role in how it will be received by your community.

When you are passionate, people can feel it.

There will also be days when your passion wanes or falters. Don’t panic. This happens to even the most consistent and successful content marketers.

2. Be prepared

Have a plan. While passion is paramount to starting and carrying you through content creation, it is preparation and planning that will ensure you see the biggest return on the time and energy that you invest in your content marketing.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out the specific business goals you want your content to help you achieve. Then you can begin to create a content marketing strategy based on those goals, your audience’s preferred content format and the social media platforms they use.

For example, if your audience spends most of their time on Instagram, image or video based content will be a better choice than texted-based content.

Putting your strategy to paper will ultimately help, especially in times of low passion or when you are unsure, as it can provide valuable guidance.

3. Committed

You must be committed.

Doing something once or every so often, will not bring about the kind of results that you want or need. In order to accomplish your goals and see results, you must commit to consistent content creation.

4. Listen

In my opinion the Art of listening is somewhat of a lost art. I cannot stress enough the importance of listening. If you want to create awesome content that will be engaged with and shared by hour community, find out what they want and need.

You need to spend time on the social media platforms they use and watch and what they are sharing and engaging with.

This will provide you with valuable insight to ensure that you are creating content that provides your community with the greatest value.

5. Communicate it to your community.

Lastly, once you know what your community wants in terms of content, you need to communicate this, in whatever form, in a way that resonates and is easily consumed and shared by your community.

The attention span of your community is shore and the demands for their attention are high.

Your content then must not only satisfy their needs, but also get their attention and keep it.

Figuring out what they react to emotionally can give you a glimpse of what can catch their attention.

And never ever hold back on your information. The more you give, the more you will get back.

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