Seeing Into The Future

Many of you have asked me what I think future markets would be. Here’s my answer.

I feel that children in school, twenty-somethings, and seniors…

Your marketing messages should be targeting these groups.


There are over 83 million children aged 19 and under in the US.  

The opportunities are many when it comes to these children, but education is particularly a hot area. Faced with state and local budget shortfalls, school districts nationwide are slashing their budgets.

At the same time, it is much harder to get into college than ever before, and parents consider a college education essential to make their kids competitive in the job market.  

The result is parents are eagerly spending on extracurricular programs that help their kids get better grades or learn skills that their schools have eliminated.  

Those business owners or entrepreneurs who have a product that increases “brain function” would do well in this market. 

Insurance agents should provide earlier ways to save for college education.


The oldest members of this boom that began in 1998 are turning 25 this year and the rest of those boomers are right behind them.

The wedding market and weight loss market will do well here. Many are getting married so it’s a thriving market for several businesses in this group.   

Now to my favorite…


Baby boomers just turning 65 aren’t the market I’m talking about. The real boomer is an American aged 77 and up.  

One of the biggest trends with seniors is that they want to “age in place.” In their own homes. 

The result is that services and products to help them do so will be very hot for the next 20 years or more. They include in-home medical or non-medical care to assist with activities of daily living, senior day-care programs to get seniors out of the house, and socializing.  

Business people will do well that have anti-aging products and insurance agents have many products they could sell that will fit the needs and wants of this group.

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