Just Calling To Say…

I’m going to show you a simple but brilliant way to bring in more business and customers.

Revisit your existing and former customers and call to say hello.

You go it right.  Call to say hello.

That is it.

Check in with your former and current customers often and tell them you are calling just to say hello and to see how they are doing.

When you are going to an appointment, stuck in traffic, or just taking a few minutes a day, you can use this time to communicate with your customers and old customers.

This shouldn’t be a sales call.

Ask them about their family or their work. They will be even more impressed if you mention something personal about them that you remember.

Let them talk.

Don’t ask for anything or offer anything.  Remember, you are just calling to say Hi.

The first thing that will happen is that your customers will be amazed and delighted that you thought enough of them to reach out and say hello, without it costing them anything.

Just by being on the phone with them will prompt your customers to think about you, think about a friend from work or someone in the family who could use your product/service. They will appreciate you even more than they already do.

End the call by saying it was good to catch up and you are glad to hear they are doing well. You want to wish them continued success and you look forward to chatting again.

Your customers know, like, and trust you.  They did business with you once and they know people who need your services or who will need your products or services and they will be only too happy to send that business your way.

What did this cost you? Nothing but your time to create more customers.

Do this and you will see your customer base increase each and every year…

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