How Not to Do Business

Last week I had a very bad restaurant experience. I’ve known the owner of this restaurant since he was a kid helping his parents in their Deli. Six weeks ago he opened his restaurant. I’ve been there 9 times already with at least 6 people in our party.  

I’ve also recommended this restaurant to at least 100 other individuals. In fact, when I spoke in front of an audience of 250 local business individuals, I mentioned how great the food was at this restaurant and they should at least try it.

I’m usually the first of our party to arrive and normally I get a table and wait for the others to arrive. This time I was told that their new policy “was to not seat anyone until all of the party arrives.” When I asked to speak to Biagio, the owner, I was told he was too busy in the kitchen. She said this without even checking to see if indeed he was busy in the kitchen.

When the others arrived 10 minutes later, I went to the hostess and said we were all here, and her response was, “Since the others were late they had to give our table away to someone else, and we’ll have to wait until another table opens up.”

As the title of one of my best-selling books says, is this a way to “Get Customers to Call, Buy, and Beg for More?”

Of course not.

But if the owner doesn’t inspect what he expects, his business will go downhill very quickly. He is in an area where summer people vacation and is currently booked solid. But after the Labor Day Weekend, he will wish he had his constant patrons.

I expect him to be out of business within 1 year if he continues to operate his restaurant in this way.

Let me know your thoughts and some of the experiences you’ve had.

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