Creating a Unique Selling Proposition and Why You Need One

When you make a sales call, what do you think will be the one thing that convinces your prospect to purchase from you rather than the next guy?

No, it’s not going to e the free gift you are giving away or how handsome you are.  It will be the Unique Selling Proposition you offer.

A unique selling proposition, or USP, is a differentiation that sets you apart from the competition.

Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.

To begin with you must start by describing your target audience and be as specific as possible.

Now you must explain the problem you solve.  The solution they get when they purchase from you.  What is the individual need or challenge they face that your business can solve for them?

I’ve gotten the answer to the last sentence simply by asking my  customers the question.

Then you need to list the biggest distinctive benefits your product offers.  In other words what sets you apart from the competition.

When doing this you must try to be descriptive and put the words that they can envision in their minds.

Now you need to define your promise.  Make a pledge to your clients and put it in writing.  If they see a written policy or take away that you can or will provide, the chances are good that they will have a better customer experience.

Now comes the difficult part.  You need to rework all that you’ve written to try to get it into one paragraph.

This will take some time but it’s surely worth the effort.

Once you have developed your USP, scream it from the rooftops, publish it on your website and in the flyers you hand out.

Over time, awareness will increase and when people need the services you specialize in, they will know to come to you.  And guess what?

The word will spread and word of mouth will kick in and people will be calling you to do business with you.

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