Convert Cold Prospects into Buyers

If you are not prepared to let go of a hot prospect that has turned cold, here are a few suggestions that may turn that cold prospect into a buyer.

All of us have had prospects that seem to give us the run-around.  They expressed an interest in our product or service when we first contacted them but now they don’t return our calls, or reply to our emails.

Persistence is an essential trait that successful sales people possess but there is a distinct difference between this and beating your head against a wall trying to convince a prospect to buy your product or service.

I’ve had many conversation’s with some of my members who are in my training program has reminded me how often people get caught in the trap of thinking they can or should close every deal that comes their way.

There comes a time though when you have to let go and give up.

If you are not prepared to do that, here are a few suggestions that may turn that cold potato into a hot one.

  1. Develop a “keep-in-touch” campaign via email or regular mail, to keep your name in their mind. They may not be ready to buy now, but their situation might change in the future and when that happens you want them to remember you.  Send them information that is valuable to them or a copy of your newsletter.
  2. Consider creating an email list and adding those people into a monthly email campaign. Some of them will have their situation change and perhaps others are simply very busy with something that is more urgent.  But, without a monthly email follow-up, you can lose the people that were temporarily distracted as well as those whose situation has changed.
  3. Befriend someone who they might have a relationship with or knows.
  4. Ask yourself” How important is this sale?”   If your answer is very important then determine what other actions or approaches you are willing to take to make the sale4 happen.  If this was the most important sale of your career would you give up or would you find a creative way to pursue them.

When a hot prospect turns cold and you have done everything possible to move the sale forward but they aren’t responding then it is time to drop that cold potato and focus your attention on other opportunities.  It is critical that you recognize that you only have a limited number of hours in a given day.  That means you need to invest your time wisely because once it is used up you can’t get it back.

Spinning hour wheels trying to convince an unmotivated prospect to make a decision may not be the best way to use your time.

Many people fail to realize just how valuable their time is.  If you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to close a sale that has a low probability of success, then you are not generating a high payoff on your time.

It will be a difficult decision to drop a potential sale but this strategy will free up your time to focus on higher quality of leads, which will lead to higher sales.

Well that is it for this weeks tip for helping you create customers.  Remember to let me know what your thoughts are and areas you need help in so that I can address those issue in future blogs.

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