Building Rapport to Get More Sales

January 13th, 2019

Youmay not know this but in the high-fashion industry there is a slang term called:

Air Your Coochie

 What does it really mean?

It’s a jargon kicked around by fashion critics to describe a dress that is too shortand therefore shows the runway model’s “coochie’ as she struts up and down thecatwalk.

Why is this term good news for us as marketers?

Not because we are sick and twisted perverts but because if you want your customersto bond with you and your customers newsletters to be highly successful, thenyou must…

Air your coochie.

Simply put:

You must tell your audience about your life…

And that goes doubly if you are in an uptight industry.

Trust me…

Your audience wants to know what makes you tick and when done right, with a bit of tack, this will turn your customers into ravenous fans.

 Now, of course, there is an art to this.

It’s not like you want to go on a rant about the time you got a DUI after you ran astoplight, or got tossed in the can for being a reckless bozo.

I’m talking about adding fun details about your life to your prospects and customers, even if it’s in your newsletters or emails to them.

Like the fact that you eat strawberries on top of your fruity pebbles.

Or the fact that you leather-up over the weekend, hop on your Harley Hogg, and getyour cycling groove on.

The point is that nobody wants to hear about your business at this point of time,but they do want you to share some of yourself in your communications withthem.

So, share with them odd things about yourself that they might just relate to.a

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