A Brilliant Joint Venture Idea

Here’s an idea I suggested to an advisor when he hired me as a consultant. It resulted in bringing in 10 new customers each month – and is still bringing them in – because he is constantly doing the same thing each month.  

All of us have a favorite restaurant we all go to where we know the owner personally.  If not, get to know a local restaurant owner.  Then, introduce yourself and share the following idea.

You can generate new customers for the restaurant owner each month by him/her doing a special event. Like a cooking class.  

You now invite 10 or so of your customers along with their spouses.  

You do not, I repeat, you do not want to make this into a sales seminar.  It should be considered a “Customer Appreciation Night” where you as the owner of the business want to thank them and remind them why you are doing business together. 

What would be the cost? With the restaurant we had this arrangement with, their cost was less than $2 per person.  It was a win-win situation for the restaurant and also a win-win for the business owner. 

I wonder how many of you can think of other types of special events that you can do a joint venture with?  Let’s hear from you.

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