3 Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Choosing Your Target Market

  1. The first mistake is that you don’t have a clear audience. When you decide your audience is everyone, then you serve no one.Think about this for a minute.  If I am over 55 and want to lose weight but I’m sensitive about going to the gym, would I choose someone who specializes in weight loss for the over 55 crowd, or someone who deals in weight loss for everyone?

    Not expressing a clear idea of exactly WHO your solution is for causes many people to look elsewhere to find the person for whom they are the obvious audience.

  1. Your offer isn’t very clear. When you decide you can offer almost anything then you have a problem, because neither you nor anyone else knows exactly what solution you are offering to them.A confused mind says NO.

    People must have a clear idea of WHAT you are offering.  A specific solution to a specific problem allows people to self-identify as your customer with a confident YES.

  1. You don’t have a clear outcome. People need to know the “what for.”  This then becomes the reason WHY they must choose you.   Let’s go back to the weight loss.  What is the benefit of weight loss?  You might think it is so obvious that you don’t need to explain.But it might not be obvious to the person you are targeting.  YOU need to sell them the benefits.

Some of the benefits you might mention are…

  • It helps you in attracting a life-long partner
  • Wearing a bikini on a beach
  • Being able to bend over when playing with grandchildren

Any one of these benefits is more attractive than just the idea of losing weight.

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